In order to make a difference for patients and, just as importantly, to keep people healthy for as long as possible, we must dare to do things differently than in the past and with a new mindset. Especially in healthcare innovation, science and business must go together.

Healthcare innovation is a special and complex case, primarily because it involves concerted action from many stakeholders: academia, industry, patients, policy makers, care providers and payers. We envision the Netherlands as the world’s proving ground for healthcare innovation, because nowhere else can the transition from concept to clinical practice be studied so completely, so quickly, with such quality and global relevance.

In the future the focus not only has to be on generating health but also on cost-effective innovations. We have to create healthcare innovations that our healthcare systems and patients can afford. 

The Netherlands is a frontrunner in working through public-private partnerships for the creation of innovative solutions for health challenges. Our public-private partnerships cover a wide range of areas: from diagnostics, medical devices and (bio-)pharmaceuticals to hospital design. 

It gives me great pleasure to share with you some of the recent achievements of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector.

Dr. Rob van Leen MBA
Chair ‘Regiegroep’ Life Sciences & Health

Year In Review 2013 LSH Year In Review Magazine