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European Lead Factory provides unique platform for innovative drug discovery

An international consortium of 30 public and private partners have joined forces to establish the European Lead Factory.

The Factory offers access to a Joint European Compound Collection as well as research services through the European Screening Centre. The partnership is supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and forms a unique asset of the Dutch as well as the European research infrastructure. The collection is accessible to all consortium partners as well as public organizations, and constitutes an exceptional drug discovery platform.

The Factory transforms the way in which the pharmaceutical sector identifies new medicines. For the first time, European researchers have access to industry chemical collections to translate their findings into actual treatments for patients.

Source: TI Pharma

Pivot Park Oss: a new life sciences hub for innovative startups and partnerships

On the premises of MSD in Oss in the south of the Netherlands, a new life sciences hub called Pivot Park was founded in 2012. Pivot Park has proven to be a breeding ground for new companies like BioNovion and partnerships such as the BiCycle platform. It also houses several service providers, including a state-of-the-art compound screening facility and a GMP pilot plant.

The BiCycle platform is a partnership between ChemConnection, BioConnection and Okklo Life Sciences around the GMP synthesis and manufacturing of cyclodextrin-based materials for clinical use. Cyclodextrin-based therapies are a promising new approach for clinical use. Though the class of molecules is well-known, recent research has revealed the extensive possibilities that lie in their pharmacological properties and the opportunities they offer as a scaffold for bifunctional drugs. The platform’s combined expertise includes chemical and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, toxicology, clinical development, and registration of cyclodextrin-based drugs.

Source: BiCycle platform

Astellas opens European R&D complex at the Leiden Bio Science Park

On 3 December 2012, Japanese R&D-driven company Astellas Pharma opened its newly built and sustainable office-laboratory complex at the Leiden Bio Science Park.

This top 20 pharmaceutical company has a long heritage within the Netherlands, and chose Leiden because of its location and accessibility. The Leiden Bio Science Park houses more than 80 innovative biotech companies, several multinationals, and is in the vicinity of the Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center.

‘Mirai House’ houses the commercial office of Astellas Pharma Netherlands and Astellas Pharma International, shared services and the European research and development facilities of the company. The Leiden branch of Astellas Pharma focuses on the development of medicines in the areas of urology, transplantation, oncology, dermatology, anti-infectives and pain management and employs approximately 700 people.

Source: Leiden Bio Science park

Pivot Park Oss: a new life sciences hub for innovative startups and partnerships

Astellas opens European R&D complex at the Leiden Bio Science Park

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